Zuki Week Day Three: Dojo

Suki had packed up a basket with a blanket, some fruit, diaper things and a couple changes of clothes for the baby. She had a tendency to mess up her dresses and little shirts, so Suki always brought extras, even to a simple outing like this.


Zuko had given her a small Dojo in the city as a gift for their wedding. She already had a small band of warriors who she trained the in the city; usually doing so in the palace gardens or other dojos in town that she could bargain space from. So Zuko had had one built for her. Every detail of it matched the ones that she had learned in back on Kyoshi; right down to the oils used on the floor. He said that he’d wanted to give her a little piece of her old home in her new home.

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Zuki Week - Day Two - Prompt: Field Trip


The Queen of Beauty

Rating: M/NC-17/whatever you wanna call it, there’s SEX.

Notes: This takes place in the same universe as “One Night in Ba Sing Se” and “Two Nights in Republic City”. This is how Zuko and Suki hooked up. ;) I have had this story in my head for a while, but I’ve never had an excuse to write it out before. It fit the prompt so well that I just couldn’t resist. As a result, it’s wordy (nearly 9k….oops). I did some fast writing this evening. 


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I’ve never had something be so terribly sexy and beautiful and perfect and heartwreaching all at the same time. 

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Zuki Week Day Two: Field Trip

“You’re needed in Fire Fountain City, Sir.”


Zuko’s hands, which had been gripping his hair, slid down to his face, pulling cheek and lips with it. He’d just gotten back from a week and a half in Republic City and Ba Sing Se, attending some meetings and conferences. The last thing that he wanted to do was go all over, micromanaging squabbles in the Fire Nation.

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Zuki Week Day Two


Field Trip (kinda)

Suki sat propped on the soft pillows with her hands on her lap and Durk’s head rested on her shoulder.  She smiled when she heard the cheer go up.  Durk sat up strait and looked toward the noise, moving to his feet before Suki patted his head and said “It’s okay.  That’s a good thing.”

In the four months since he’d come to the palace he had grown leaps and bound.  He’d also become very protective of Suki.  Zuko said it was because she was pregnant, and Durk proved that when he refused to leave her side during her long labor.  When Zuko reached out to take the baby girl from her mother Durk got between the fire lord and his wife, Suki had to tell him it was okay before he would move and let the father hold his new baby.  Zuko took his baby girl in his arms and cooed over her for a few minutes before he left the room to present her to the people waiting for the announcement of the new princess.

Durk put his head onto Suki’s shoulder and let out a kind of purring growl “They’ll be back soon.” she whispered to the dragon “And be nice or Zuko’s going to punish you.  You don’t want to have to sleep in the stables again, do you?”  Durk huffed “Well then, you have to behave.”

He perked and sat up, his head turning toward the door.  A second later Suki heard her daughter screaming.  She looked at her reptilian friend “They’re back.”

Zuko came in and cut his eyes at Durk before handing the mewling baby back to Suki.  She smiled as she took the little one into her arms “And how was you’re first outing with Daddy, huh?”

Zuko grinned “She was fine until they cheered.  I think the noise was too much.”

She nuzzled her nose to the babies face and the crying calmed “This whole wide world is new to you, and there’s so much more you’re daddy and I are going to show you.: Kyoshi Island, Ba Sing Se, Republic City, Air Temple Island and all of the Fire Nation.” she smiled up at her husband “So many life changing field trips with Zuko.”

“I’m never going to live that down, am I?” he asked pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Not a all.” She held her hand out to him and he took it, sitting next to her and their child “No trip with you is ever that simple.”

“Tell me about it.  Just a few months ago I went to Hi’ ra and came back with a pregnant wife and a few months later I went on a visit with Aang and came back with a dragon.” he cut his eyes at Durk again “A traitor dragon.”

Durk huffed at Zuko and Suki shook a finger at him “Now didn’t we say you were going to be nice.” Durk laid his head on the edge of the bed and lidded his eyes in shame “You be nice too Zuko, he was just being protective.”

“I guess that’s a good thing.  Zuko pouted, then he turned to Durk “But if you do it again you’ll be sleeping in the stables for a month.”

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Zuki Week - Day One: Dragon


This story is in Gladiator’s setting because as of late I don’t know how to write anything else (?) Nah, just kidding xD

I’d warn that this might be spoilery… but I guess it’s not that spoilery for real, nothing major is given away here. It’s just a nice little scene that may or may not be featured in the big story, depending on how much room I have for it. Still… take it to be Gladiator-canon!

Here we go :D


“This isn’t a good idea… Suki, please, don’t be reckless!”

“I just want to have a better look at him! What are you so afraid of?”

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Gladiator Zzzuuuuukkiiiiii <333333

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Zuki Week Day One



“How was your trip?” she asked as she walked into the room, then stopped short “What is that?”  Suki cocked an eyebrow at the little creature crawling around in front of Zuko’s throne.

He smiled proudly “That’s Durk.” She twisted her mouth at him “Oh, yeah.  He’s my dragon.”

“Dragon?  Like an actual dragon?” she stopped down, resting her arms on her kneed and looking over the small, red-scaled animal.

“Yes.  The chief sent for me so that I could come get him.” he reached out and Durk crawled onto his forearm.

“You and Aang get into the craziest things.”

He smiled again “That’s true.”  He cooed at the dragon and Durk blew a puff of flame into Zuko’s face, Suki gasped, but Zuko only laughed and blew the puff back “It’s okay, he’s just saying ‘Hi.”

“Remind me not to tell him ‘hi.”  Suki commented as she stood back up with a slight stumble.

Zuko rushed to cradle his hand behind her “You okay?”

“Yeah.  I just lost my balance a bit.” she patted her stomach “Front heavy, you know.”  She reached out and brushed her finger across the dragon’s light colored  mane “Will it be safe for him to be here?”

Durk lifted his back against Suki’s finger as she trailed it down his back. “I wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.” Zuko answered.

She looked up at him “Honestly, I was thinking about the other way around.” she looked back at Durk “Don’t they get really big?  And breath lots of fire?”

“I’ll teach him to be gentle, I promise.”  Almost on cue Durk climbed up on Zuko’s shoulder and rubbed his face against Zuko’s “See.  He’s learning already.” he put a hand on her belly “He’ll behave.  I wouldn’t let anything happen to either of them.” he turned to the dragon “You’ll be a good boy, won’t you Durk?”

Suki giggled at the little squeak the tiny retile gave before he crawled over to her shoulder and draped himself around her neck like a scarf, rubbing his face against hers “I think things will work out fine.

I will belive that Druk is a baby-puppy-dragon untill proven otherwise. 

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Zuki Week Day one: Dragon

No matter what will be read, understand one thing; There was love. There was no question in that. From that very first kiss there was love. Through every late night meeting and glance from across the room. From his confession to her agreement, to the wedding night, to the birth of their daughter. There was nothing but love. And while things were strange right now; love was never the issue. Not to say that there weren’t issues.


Druk landed on the ground with a hard thud, his wings flapping the air in the courtyard. The large beast had been exhausted from it’s tripp which it’s master had rushed. It was a special occasion after all and as busy as he was he wasn’t the type to miss his anniversary.

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